Sunday, 24 February 2013

Liverpool shopping haul

Recently I went shopping to Liverpool and as i'm extremely lazy, I still haven't put everything I bought away haha! I spent all my money which makes me sad as i'm awful at saving and it didn't seem like I bought much anyway :(
As you can see, the trip was pretty successful.. 

The first thing I bought was this long sleeved crop top from Topshop (really bad picture, I know!)
Although the sleeves are reallllly long on me, i'll be wearing it under jackets and coats until Summer so it'll be fine. I love it because it will go with so much such as skater skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans etc and it was quite reasonable for Topshop as it was £10 and will fit me for ages.

I also got these light denim jeggings from Topshop and i've wanted them for ages because I saw them on the website a few weeks back.
These are super comfy and fit really well. They're quite long on me though because i'm really small :( They go with lots too which is really good as I can never find jeans that fit me and these will be good instead of paying lots for jeans that I wont wear! They were £22 which I think was pretty good as the quality of these are wonderful!

Next, I got a few lovely things from Primark as their collections at the moment are actually really nice.

First I got these pyjama bottoms, after seeing many people on Instagram with them, i've just really wanted a pair! I love the print, texture and the price as they were only £6 haha! I think they look really cute and girlie and i'll probably just wear them around the house with a vest top.

The other two things I got were these really cute, pink frilly socks and earrings. I have an unhealthy obsession with socks... especially frilly ones and I just think these will be so cute for summer! Also, they were only £1.50 which is so good.
 As for the earrings.. well, I LOVE them! £2.50 is such a bargain and I really do think that Primark has a very good jewellery selection. The earrings definitely look like the Topshop/River Island type in my opinion so I really do recommend these as the price is amazing and they're all so nice.

(By the way, can anyone please tell me how to rotate pictures?! I have no idea, ooops)

The next shop I went to was Urban Outfitters and lets just say that the home decor things in there are PERFECT! I really could've bought everything :( 
I bought this mini shelf/stand for when I decorate my bedroom because it will hopefully fit in really well. It was £12 which I think is a little overpriced and it isn't the best quality but however, I do think it's just so cute and girlie and aw I loveeee it!

So now onto one of my favourite shops, Lush! Like I said in my last post, I bought two things from there which were:

The one on the left is Fluffy Egg and it has the nicest scent ever! It is so, so nice. I haven't used it yet as i'm trying to save it but I think it's going to be amazing. Now onto the one on the right, the Washing Up Fairy. As I said in the last post, I am very stupid and didn't realise that this was supposed to be used for washing up dishes... It smells of lemon/lime and I didn't want it to go to waste so yep, I used it in my bath haha! It didn't really do much other than turn the water a green-ish colour and a few bubbles appeared.
Note to self: Always read the labels ;)

Okay so the final shop that I bought something from was WHSmiths and on Instagram i've noticed how everyone raves about how 'amazing' John Green's The Fault in Our Stars is and so it was half price and I decided to go a head and buy it, yayy! The other thing I bought was the latest company magazine as it's my favourite and this months looks especially pretty and cute!

(Again, I need help rotating, haha)

I know this dragged, sorry!

Mia x


  1. I still haven't tried any LUSH products yet! Yours look really nice! Xx

    I'm a new follower!
    Check out my blog and maybe follow back?

    1. you definitely should hehe and i'll have a look now lovely x

  2. mia your blog is perfect omg wow, How do I nominate you for the leibster award, i've been trying but dont know how hehe, Your blog is so good:) xx

    1. haha thank you and if you're like tagged/nominated that's how xx