Monday, 18 February 2013

Lush reviews

So, as this is my first ever blog post (eeek) I really wasn't sure what to write about..

As i am completely obsessed with Instagram and on it 24/7, i've noticed that a lot of people use Lush cosmetic products and everyone seems to love them! Only recently since about December I have started using the products and I love them all so much.

Lush are a company that make fresh, handmade products that are amazing for your skin and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too! They make lots of different products that range from bath bombs, shampoos, soaps, make up, face-masks and more. All the staff are extremely kind and always happy to help you, it's so cute, awh.

Here are some of the products i've bought and a what I think them..

  • Creamy Candy bubble bar.

I was really disappointed with this bubble bar as it was one of the first things I purchased from Lush. It smells amazing though, a lot like candy floss. It's one of the cheaper bubble bars at £2.50 but when I used it in the bath it didn't do much other than make the room smell lovely and turn the bath a weird orangey colour.

  • Bubblegum Lip scrub.

If people have been to Lush i know most people will have purchased this product. I was really excited about trying it as everyone i know who has it adores it and says it's amazing. I really don't agree though. I think it's overpriced as it was £5.25 and it doesn't keep my lips smooth for very long. I might be using it wrong, i'm really not sure? On the other hand though, it smells a lot like bubblegum which i love and it tastes like it too.

  • Popcorn Lip scrub.

When I purchased the two products above, I also purchased this. I really LOVE this so, so, so much! I was so happy with this when I bought it as it was half price so I got it for about £2.60. It smells more like toffee popcorn but it tastes divine (I usually end up licking most of it off my lips before i've used it properly, shh) I probably wouldn't buy this or the bubblegum one again though because it really doesn't do much!

  • Iccle Baby Bot.

This bath bomb is so adorable I really couldn't resist! I think it's the cheapest bath bomb too at £1.90, wooooo. It smells like lavender and turns your bath a pale blue colour. It makes you smell so nice too and it's meant to make you fall asleep quickly and it surprisingly it did for me. Definitely will be purchasing this again :-)

  • Twilight bath bomb.

I was so pleased with this bath bomb, ah seriously it's amazing! It was £3.20 but it's actually really big in reality. I think it draws your attention because of the colour and it smells like lavender (again) and when you put it in the bath it slowly releases a bright pink layer and a creamy, bubbly layer too. After a while when it's gotten much smaller, a blue layer starts coming out as well and it's just so pretty and is so relaxing.

I've recently been out over the past few days to Liverpool and bought a mothers day limited edition bath bomb and an Easter limited edition one too.

I got The Washing Up Fairy (£3.25) which is actually for the washing up and I didn't even realise... haha, oh well i'm still going to see if it works in the bath! The other bath bomb i got was the Easter special, Fluffy Egg (£2.95) which smells absolutely AMAZING! Really excited to use them both even though i'm not sure that the mothers day one will go too well... oops :(

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