Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chester shopping haul

First of all, sorry about not posting in over a week! I've just had no motivation whatsoever :-(

Hm well anyway, i'm on my Easter break at the moment but so far it's been.. okay I guess. Last Friday about 3 foot of snow decided to fall where I live (North Wales) and it basically has not stopped snowing since then. Being as I hate snow as it is, i've just been inside basically everyday with my boyfriend but on Tuesday I went shopping to Chester with three of my other friends. The journey there was pretty eventful to say the least as we almost crashed into a car because of the snow and then the bus broke down for about 20 minutes  because of something to do with the wheel. Ugh, I was not happy.

 Other than that our day was pretty good because thankfully there was no snow in the city! I managed to buy some really nice things and i'm so pleased with everything I got and I didn't actually waste my money for once, yay!

Here is everything I bought;
(From left to right)
Crop top/socks/purse/nail varnish/yankee candle/'the comforter' bubble bar/mascara/eyebrow pencil

I really love everything I bought and I think it all came to just over £20 which is so good!

It was 3 for 2 in Boots and I couldn't resist..

Mango Peach Salsa Yankee candle and The Comforter bubble bar.

Both from Primark.. the purse looks like it's Cath Kidston, yay!

This top is just something I had to buy!! It's definitely my favourite recent purchase and this is because I was going to buy a top just like this one from Topshop for £22 but as this was only £4 I was so, so happy! In my opinion I think it's nicer than the Topshop one anyway and a definite bargain.

Going to be posting more in the next few weeks as I have lots of ideas.

Mia xx

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