Sunday, 14 April 2013

(Another) Chester shopping haul........

Yes, the only posts I seem to make are haul posts but I do have other ideas...I promise :)

So on Saturday I went to Chester with my mum to get some clothes for my holiday/school trip to France for towards the start of July and lets just say it was pretty a successful day. I managed to spend a bit most of my money as I actually only had £30 of my own money (cry cry). 
 As I haven't been shopping with just my mum for ages apart from today she soiled me really, I love literally everything that was bought for me today! We only went to a few shops but I still got a lot, the pictures aren't too good though as it was raining outside and it was hard to get pictures of some items but yeah here they are...

I also got a plain t-shirt, some tights and lots of underwear but there was really no point in taking a picture of them, haha. 

The L'Oreal Paris lipstick is in shade 302, the Body Shop 'born lippy' lip balm is in Watermelon and the Rimmel London nail varnish is '200 Orange Your Life' and is such a pretty spring colour.

Mia xx

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