Saturday, 6 April 2013

ootd; #1

Helllooo, so i'm going to be doing a few more of these 'ootd' posts (why I put '#1') but anyway, I went for a meal in a Chinese restaurant with my parents and then afterwards I went to my boyfriends.. haha. The meal was lovely and it was in my favourite Chinese ever!! Felt like a right fatty afterwards though, haha I couldn't move I was so full :-(

So here's the outfit;

Not very interesting really I just wore my white long sleeved crop top from Topshop, my denim skater skirt from the Generation section in New look (bargain) and my red converses that still fit my tiny feet after 4 years...... Anyway, I also wore a black leather jacket and a new watch i've bought from Claire's for only £2.50! 

This is the watch;
This was took on the day I bought it, that's why the date says the 3rd.... if you even noticed that..

This post was actually supposed to have been posted on Thursday but i've been really busy this week so i'm sorry I didn't have time to edit everything! I have so many draft posts at the moment too but school's starting back on Monday (sigh) so i'll probably be trying to find a day to make sure I have some ready to post, wooooo.

Oh and alsoooo, in the picture of my outfit it looks like I have one arm but actually, my right hand is on my hip haha and my legs look really... ew :-( But oh well, I didn't get another picture so here you go.

Mia xx


  1. Love your outfit, especially the skirt

  2. I've wanted a denim skater foreverrrr!
    My blog – Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (:
    I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter (:

    1. You should definitely got one! They go with so much. Oh and i'll have a look x

  3. Love your watch! Where's it from?

    Chloe -

    1. Thanks sweet! It's from Claire's haha, it was in the sale though so they might not still have it xxx