Monday, 1 April 2013

Snow days... ❄

So yes.. you're probably thinking "why is she making a post about snow in April?!" well, here where I live we STILL have loads of snow! I really cannot believe it's April already though, this year is going so fast.

Okay anyway, on to the point of this post.. as i'm always bored on snow days and days where the weather really just doesn't let you do anything, i've thought of a few things to keep you entertained (yes, I like making lists lol).

  • Have a movie day. Watch all your old favourite movies and just have a relaxed day :-)
  • Read? I always keep my old magazines and I tend to read through them all when i'm bored. Also, I have so many books i've started to read but then got bored a quarter of the way through so usually I end up really liking the books when i've actually made effort to read them all the way through, haha.
  • Sort through your clothes/jewellery/things in your room. I usually find that I have so many things I don't even need or want any more.
  • If you have friends who live close by you could go and see them and catch up maybe?
  • Snowball fights are always pretty fun but I usually can't stand being cold for longer than half an hour...
  • Make a snowman or igloo with friends, a brother or sister.
  • Bake or cook! There is some really simple things you can make with a few ingredients like a brownie in a mug for example. (If anyone wants me to go make a post about how to make them just comment below).
  • Have a bit of you time and just relax or do something you love like having a long bubble bath, painting your nails, tiding your room (if you actually enjoy that ugh) or using face masks or face products.
  • Something I always do is count my money, realise I don't have much and then go on loads of clothes/beauty websites and find loads of things I want to try and give me motivation to actually save, hahaha.
  • I'm running out of ideas now but you could... um.. sleep all day? woooo

Me and my boyfriend, haha aw

It looked pretty but this and the picture above was when the snow wasn't even deep..

Mia xx


  1. I love making lists too :) I can't believe you're still having snow! The weather where I am isn't that bad although it's still ice cold :( x

    1. I basically make lists for everything, haha! & yeah, it's stopped snowing but it just won't melt :( x

  2. Making lists is so fun to me haha, it sucks that you still have snow!

    mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

    1. Same, haha I love it and urgh, it's still not gone :(

      And i've just followed you, you're blog is lovely. Very appealing to look at and it's so well set out x

  3. hi, i added your blog to my Beautiful Bloggers page on my blog:)
    if you fancy checking it out its

    1. Aw thank you Laura. I defintley will now x