Monday, 17 June 2013

Collective haul

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting recently, i've just been so busy and honestly I just haven't had any energy to get pictures together and all that.

So anyway, I have been shopping a lot recently (to get Summer clothes and things for when I go to France). It made more sense to just do a big haul as I have been to many different shops on various days.
So first these are just three things I got from Superdrug in my town because they have a 3 for 2 offer on when I went, I got the Collection 2000 'Super Size' mascara in black/brown and i'm quite disappointed with this product as it doesn't really 'super size' your lashes at all. I also got two MUA lipsticks in shade 7 (left) and shade 2 (right) and I can honestly say that these two are my new favourites! Ah, I absolutely love them.

When I went to Chester I got some shorts and a cami top as well but I ended up returning them. I got (and kept) the pairs of Topshop frilly socks for the £8 deal/offer thing and I now have 11 pairs of frilly socks... slightly obsessed do you think? I also got a sweatshirt for £6 from Primark and it's so comfy! I got a Micky and Minnie mouse top from Primark too which was also £6. It's really long on me though so I just have to tuck it into things. The final two things I got aren't makeup/fashion related.. they're just drinks haha! I got a 'cranberry lemonade' from Marks & Spencers but I don't like it at all, it tastes bitter and smells really chemically as well.. I also got my second Starbucks ever!!! Hahaha, it was half price so I thought I should just try it and wow okay, it was amazing. You should all go and get one. A Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino. Now.

A few days later I then went to Liverpool with my mum as we haven't been shopping together for a long time and I got a decent amount I have to say, haha.
Pretty rubbish picture but this is everything I got.

I got a green crop top, two pairs of plain, high-waisted shorts from Primark and a necklace, more shorts (Yes, I do like wearing shorts), a pink speckled t-shirt, a shirt/blouse thing that is gorgeous!! Then I also got a plain white t-shirt as I have wanted one for aages!

I have these in black too.

Bit creased but we can ignore that....

After i'd been to Liverpool a few days later me and my friends were going to see The Great Gatsby (which by the way was absolutely amazing and it's now one of my all time favourite films) and where we went has shops close by and there was a few things I wanted so I got them from there. I got a bright pink/coral crop top from Primark and a bag from there too. The crop top is the same as the green one I got from Liverpool.
I did have a picture of the top but I think I must have accidentally deleted it but oh well. 
I absolutely love the bag but the only downside is that on the back, the material goes a weird black colour after it rubbing against clothes but you can easily get it off by using a damp cloth. 

So finally, last week I went to Chester again to get some things for my holiday/school trip but i've took the cropped vest top back as when I tried it on again at home I decided it looked a bit like a swimming costume on me..I still love it though :( Other than that top I got a long sleeved crop from Republic in the sale for half price, (more) shorts also from Republic that look just like the Topshop ones but a bit cheaper! Then I also got a dress that I just loveee and a caftan thingy from River Island to go over a bikini/swimming costume.

When I was in Chester I went into Superdrug thinking the 3 for 2 offer was still on (which I later found out it wasn't) and I got a Barry M nail varnish which is in the 'Gelly hi-shine' collection and I got it in the shade 'greenberry'. I also bought my first Revlon lip butter and I have wanted one of these for so so long and I finally persuaded myself to buy one! I got it in the shade 'juicy papaya' and I think i'll be doing a review on it soon.

This has been a pretty long post, sorry haha!
Mia xx


  1. I love m&s' pink lemonade; best drink ever!
    Chloe x

  2. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for the details

    Meg xxx

    1. Hello, aw thank you that's so kind of you but i've already done one :( xxx

  3. i love MUA lipsticks too! they are so good considering they are only £1!

    1. Yesss! They're my non-guilty pleasure haha x