Sunday, 30 June 2013

Je vais en Franceee

Bonjour tout le monde, haha!
I'm really sorry about not posting recently (swear I say this on every post) I do have quite a lot of ideas though :-)
 Anyway, tonight/tomorrow morning i'm going to France for 5 days with my school. I'm going at 12:30 (am) on the coach and we're travelling to the Euro tunnel and then to our first hotel.
 We are going to stay in Le Touquet for two nights and then on Wednesday we are travelling to Paris! Yayy, i'm excited! -just not for the water park, Aqualud..

I will make a post when I am back with everything we did and i'll add some pictures and stuff.

Mia xx


  1. I love your blog!
    Follow me back please?xx

    1. Thanks Lucy, I will check your blog out now xxx