Thursday, 1 August 2013

My trip to France

Hey everyone, erm well I kinda haven't posted in a month butttt, my laptop hasn't been working very well so I haven't been able to do this post for you until now and I also don't like the app you can get for Blogger so I didn't really have anything to make a decent post on.
 However, like I said in my previous post, I was going to be visiting France! I had an absolutely amazing time and it was a great experience especially as I was with all my friends as well. I think it's something I will never forget.

The journey to the Euro tunnel seemed to take forever and I practically had no sleep which was horrible. When we finally go to Le Touquet it was around 12.30pm. We had some time to go around the town and do some activities then later on we went to the waterpark which I surprisingly enjoyed in the end! After being there for a good couple of hours we went to the beach for about 2 hours and then traveled to our first hotel in Calais. Once we had got our rooms sorted we went down to eat then later on we went to the beach to play games and just talk with our friends. It was a fun but a very long day.

In the morning, one of the coaches visited the sweet factory whilst the other coach went to the bakery. I went to the sweet factory first and we learnt a lot there and got to buy some of the sweets which were these.
After the factory we traveled to the beautiful town, Boulogne. Here we got to go around the little shops to buy some gifts and get our lunch. It was so pretty there, I loved it.
 After our lunch we then traveled to the bakery. We learnt how they make their bread (this bit was pretty boring) and we then learnt about making croissants and we got to try some too.
 To end the day we went to a hypermarket (a huge version of Tesco, Asda etc. Everything is sold there) to buy food for our journey to Paris the following day.

I was so excited on the Wednesday morning haha! We were travelling to Paris!! I didn't feel well though which was rubbish but I mean we were going to Paris so I was still really excited because Paris is somewhere I have always wanted to visit and I was so, so happy that we got to go there.
 The coach journey wasn't actually that bad as we got to watch some films and I slept for about an hour.
 When we got into Paris, we went through the Champs-Eleysees which was cooooool. We past lots of different monuments and we went around the Arc de Triomphe where it has this mad roundabout where cars can go anywhere.. pretty scary haha!
 So a bit later on we got off the coach and headed towards where the boat for our boat trip alon the Seine was. I was very excited because I knew how many famous places and monuments we were going to see!
 The boat trip lasted about an hour or so but it was good. Being on the Seine was weird though because it's somewhere where a lot of movies are set and I don't know.. I just thought it was weird to think that I was somewhere that is so famous?!
When we were on the boat trip
 After the boat trip we walked over to the Eiffel Tower. Omg. I was super excited at this point because I genuinely never thought that I would of visited it! We waited for about half an hour then the whole like 90 of us queued up to.
 When we got to the second floor we were allowed to decide whether we wanted to go to the top or not and most of us wanted to. Having to wait another 20 minutes or so was annoying but worth it and me and two of my other friends were talking to an American guy for ages, aw.
Just a few of us....
 The views at the top were breathtaking. It really was incredible being able to look over the whole of Paris!
After being up there for I think it was an hour and a half? I'm not sure I may be wrong but yeah, we then walked back to the coach and headed for the Disney Explorer hotel! (Which was pretty cool by the way).

The beautiful view from the top!
I look so moody but i'm with Chelsea!

 Today was the day everyone had been looking forward to. We were going to Disneyland, WOOOO!!! Yeah so i've been to the one in Florida but I was only little so I can't remember a lot about it.
 At about 9:30am when we had all ate breakfast and got ready, we left the hotel for a 15 minute drive to Disney. We got there, had photos with our groups and our teachers talked to us about meeting times  etc and then we were off, hahaha!
 I'm not sure what it's called but the park we went to first was the one with the Disney castle in it and in my opinion, I think it was better than the second park but yh whatever.
 Before we went on Space Mountain we were walking around trying to find something for ages and we bumped into Goofy and had a picture. Then we queued for Space Mountain and omg, it was the best ride EVER! After that some of my friends who we were going around with wandered off (we then never saw them until we met to go to the other park</3) so we went over to It's a Small World. Hahaha, the only reason we went on this was because I used to adore it when I was younger and it was so cutee.
Then, because me and 2 other girls chose that ride, the 3 boys we were with chose to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and it was so disappointing! :( After that we looked around the castle then headed over to Adventure Land. It was so cool there, it felt like I was on the set of a movie! We found some more people we knew so at this point I think there was like 10 of us. We all wanted to go on the Indiana Jones ride so we went searching for it for ages and then it wasn't even open!! Grr.
 After eating the nicest hot dog ever and drinking the strangest tasting slush, we met with everyone and headed over to the second park! In the second park we went on the Tower of Terror, Slinky dog Zigzag Spin, Armageddon Special effects and my friends all went on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster whilst me and another girl walked around as we both felt ill. I now wish I went on that ride.. sad times :(
 You don't really have that much time to actually go on the rides because you're doing so much walking around trying to find places which is annoying but yeah anyway, I had a fab time and i'd love to go back!
 At the hotel later on we had to pack all our stuff away because it was our last night. The last night was so funny though. Being in a room for 4 nights with your best friends is hilarious, hahah.

In the Toy Story 'playland' bit, so cute

Aw so today was our very last day in France! Everyone was missing their family but we all wanted to stay longer still, haha. We got ready, had breakfast, packed and then checked out by 10am and we were all on the coach ready to travel back towards Calais where we were going to the last stop; a huge shopping center! I'm not sure what the shopping centre was called but it was kind of like the Trafford center in Manchester but more modern and much bigger! I think it took about 3 hours to get there and then we only had an hour and a half anyway and because it was so big inside we didn't have enough time to have a proper look around :( We still went to a couple of shops though and another hypermarket to get cheap sweets and food for the journey back.
 We then set off back towards the Euro tunnel and this took us 4 hours or so. Then after stopping off at numerous cafe/station things, it took us another 7/8 hours until we were back home in North Wales! It was an exhausting day because it had been so long but we got home fine and everyone was happy! (a little sad though because the trip went to fast).
I had the most amazing time, I wish I could do it all again!!

Oh andddd, i'm going to London tomorrow, woooo! I've never been and i'm very excited. I promise i'll be more regular with my posts when i'm back and I might do another post like this but obviously about London.

I know this dragged on a lot but oh well, congratulations if you got to read this far hahah.

Mia xx

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