Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Revlon Lip Butter review

Hey everyone!
I had a great time in London and a haul will be up very soon. I have lots of pictures and I did a lot there but surprisingly, I didn't actually buy that much haha.

On to the meaning of this post, I have my first proper review! So before I bought a Revlon Lip Butter I had wanted one for absolutely ages. I know they're not that expensive but I just thought that £7.99 was a bit much for a lip butter? Anyway, I now know what the big hype is about, I think they're totally worth the money because they are amazing!

I only have one but i'm definitely going to be purchasing more. Mine is in the shade 'Juicy Papaya' and before I went out and bought one, I asked my followers on Instagram which shade they thought was the best. I wanted one that wasn't too sheer but also not too in your face and bright. Most people said Juicy Papaya, Strawberry Shortcake or Cotton Candy.
 I originally went out to buy Cotton Candy but then once I had swatched a few I realized I loved Juicy Papaya. It's an orangey-coral and it's gorgeous on! I have to say that they don't stay on the lips for very long but they feel so nice and moisturizing. They also smell really nice haha.
They're really good for an everyday lip as they're not too bright but they still show up.
 I love the packaging because it's so simple yet unique. The one thing that annoys me though is how sometimes when you twist the lip butter down, bits catch on the side so it's a little bit of product that is wasted. If it's not turned up too much though it's fine.

Overall I would rate the product 4/5 and the packaging 3/
I'd definitely recommend this product to people and especially when they are on offer!

Mia xx

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